WordPress Consulting Services and Pricing

WordPress is by far the best blogging platform. It has also become a great solution (as a general purpose CMS) for certain types of sites especially those that are heavy on content. The plugin and theme architecture provides flexibility not seen in many other content management systems. Possibly most importantly of all, why pay for an expensive CMS which still needs to be heavily customized when you can start with a free one that allows you to dedicate resources to customizations?

Site Setup and Configuration

I’ve been using WordPress for several years and in that time I’ve setup dozens of sites on both Windows-based and Linux-based systems. If you’re looking to get started with WordPress for your business, I can take care of the tasks needed to get a base installation configured. This would include selecting a host; uploading and installing files; and configuring your chosen theme and plugins. By default, my WordPress installations are search-engine friendly so you can focus on your content and marketing efforts.

Cost: $995

Theme Selection and Customization

With thousands of themes both free and paid, you’ll likely be able to find one that gets you 80% of where you want to go with your site’s appearance and functionality. But that last 20% is going to require knowledge of PHP and WordPress’ architecture — that’s where I can step in to help.

Starting at $500.

Plugin Development and Customization

Modifying a theme is perfectly acceptable, but modifying the WordPress core files is something you should avoid. So when you need complex functionality and can’t find it in an existing plugin, your best bet is to develop a your own plugin. I’ve been involved in many plugin customizations and the development of others. I can take a description of your needs, formalize them into detailed specifications, and then get the programming done.

Starting at $500.

Site Performance Tuning

As good as WordPress is, a badly coded theme or plugin can result in an increase in page load leading to frustrated users that may never come back. Even too many plugins can cause a slow-down. Fortunately, there are a number of practices that can resolve these issues; some won’t add additional on-going costs while others may require an additional, but small, monthly fee e.g. a content delivery network. I have the experience with caching, CDN setup, theme and plugin customization to reduce the bottlenecks that are slowing your site.

Starting at $750.

End-User Training

The WordPress interface is relatively simple compared to the unnecessary complexity found in many other content management systems. Still, navigating the various features can be tricky for a new user. And in the case of multiple users, a proper workflow will help increase publishing efficiency while reducing author frustration. As a user of the platform for my own sites and on behalf of Fortune 500 companies, I can help you devise a process suitable to your needs.

Starting at $500.

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